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Teaching my 55-year-old sister about the meaning of Easter

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

I want to take this opportunity to share a surprising story with you that I think reaffirms the value of a strong education, rooted in Christian values and tradition.

During a Bible Study with our small group last week, my sister Rosie, who is a part of that group, shared with us that she didn't realize we celebrate Easter each year because it marks the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Rosie has a disability and has lived in a nursing home in New Mexico since she was about 12-years-old. She recently started attending the Bible study via Alexa Show (like Zoom) and when the question came up about the meaning of Easter, she responded, "I don't really know."

I felt guilty I had not asked this question during all the years I have visiting her, but was happy to be a part of her first learning about this eternal, life-giving day. I grew up in a time when everyone in the United States and most of the world knew the meaning behind Easter, but there are many children growing up today who might not be as fortunate.

Could there be a more important message - that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and paid the price for our sins?

Rest assured - children attending Capstone Christian Academy will be taught the miraculous significance of Easter and be equipped to tell others.

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