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New School Year, New Enrollment Record

We did it! With your prayers and support, and God’s many blessings, we are grateful to announce that Capstone Christian Academy has set a new record for enrollment ahead of the Fall 2023 School Year. We’ve also been blessed to hire several new, highly accomplished teachers and aides to preserve our 12–1 student to teacher ratio. We want to make sure each and every child gets the full, personalized attention and education they need to become a World Changing Leader for Christ. The first day of Elementary school in Las Vegas is on August 7. If you are a parent who’s considering a move to Capstone, we urge you to get your application in soon, while we still have space left at our Christian private school. And if you are already part of the Capstone family - through your prayers, financial support, or children already attending Capstone - we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude. We wouldn’t have made it this far, in just our 3rd year, without you. God bless!

Praise the Lord:

  • For providing new teachers and aides who love God, love students and love parents.

  • For our newly completed STEM Lab.

  • That God has continued to bring new families to Capstone. Record enrollment is now above 140 students!

  • That we've been able to make several significant upgrades to our Serene campus over the summer, including brand new furniture in our Elementary classrooms.

Please pray:

  • That parents will consider joining our prayer team.

  • That God will continue to call new donors to support our new campus fund.

  • That the partnership between parents and teachers will continue to grow and be a blessing to our students.

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