A student's desire to utilize his or her athletic ability to honor God is emphasized at Capstone Christian.


  • Competitive opportunities in all major high school sports at the highest level in which the school is qualified to participate.

  • Equal opportunities for boys and girls sports.

  • State-of-the-art facilities.

  • Coaches who also serve as mentors to students and care as much about them personally as they do about winning... but they do care about winning!

  • Competition at Capstone teaches students to compete in the real world, to accept defeat, but not be defeated; to never be completely satisfied by simply winning, but to give one's best.

  • Leadership skills are modeled and practiced.



Our  desire is to foster natural gifts or interests in the visual and performing arts as reflected in a variety of cultures. 

  • Teachers serve the students as facilitators, leading them to their highest level of performance.

  • Taking risks in the arts is not only permitted, but also encouraged within limits (i.e., within a culture that has a biblical perspective as its focal point). The question will always be asked: Will this piece...this performance...this speech...this argument...this sculpture...this painting...this expression of myself...honor Jesus Christ?

  • The arts are discussed and interpreted comparatively, using scripture as a guide to analyze current trends in the visual and performing arts.

  • Leadership skills are modeled and practiced.


Through a rich combination of core classes and electives, Capstone students are given a chance to discover their passion and develop their talents in a comprehensive, college-preparatory environment. We believe that educators have more than a career, it's a calling. Our teachers are experts in their fields, and are passionate about building up students to become world changing leaders. 


A student's desire to reach out to serve and learn from the community is important in the growth of a Capstone Christian student.


  • Students are encouraged to participate with a servant's hearts in community projects and endeavors.

  • Both new and ongoing community projects are analyzed and implemented according to a proper understanding of "service" as described in Scripture.

  • Students are taught specific ways to "make a difference" by serving their communities 25 hours per year.

  • The true meaning of diversity is taught and analyzed through the lens of Scripture.

  • Leadership skills are modeled and practiced.


Developing students into strong, committed citizens is an important goal at Capstone Christian.


  • Students are taught the proper exercise of their rights as citizens in a free society.

  • American culture and politics are taught and analyzed comparatively, including the study of both the original intent of our founding fathers, and also the study of other world cultures and governments today.

  • Contact with local, state, and national legislators is encouraged and results analyzed.