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Do you want two $5s, or a $10?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Rosie, private school donor, and brother, founder of Capstone Christian Academy

My younger sister, Rosie, has lived in a Nursing Home for the majority of her 50+ years. She deals with the effects of Cerebral Palsy and is one of the happiest people I know. COVID has created some challenges for her, since none of us can visit in person, but she has made good use of her Alexa to keep in contact with her family.

Rosie and I normally talk once a week. This past week she asked “What are you doing these days, Bill?” and I told her we were working hard to raise money so we could buy a building for Capstone Christian Academy. She immediately said, “Well, Bill, I have some money! I want to donate!” I laughed and told her that it was her big brother’s responsibility to take care of her, not the other way around. But she insisted all the more, “I have money, Bill! Please let me help to open the school.” She finally convinced me, so I said "OK, how about you send me $10 and that will be a big help." She immediately responded, “Do you want two $5s or one $10?”

It made my day. Here she is, living on so very little and has experienced so very little of the world - but would not take "No" for an answer when it came to helping others to get an education and to have the things that she can only see on her TV or Alexa screen. I know her $10 will go farther than any other donation, because it came from her heart and her desire to know others would be blessed because she gave. So, when you go to our site to watch as we move closer to our $3.2M goal - be sure to notice Rosie’s $10. We are so grateful and blessed to have her in our family.

Envelope containing school building fund donation

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