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Teacher Testimonials: What Our Teachers Say

Updated: Jun 14

Of all the incredible things that have happened in this last year, the team of teachers that have come to Capstone is one of the blessings we’re most thankful for.

We recently sat down with a few of them to find out what their experience has been like, and we made a video of their teacher testimonials to share with new potential teachers.

We were so amazed and humbled by their teacher testimonial examples, we thought we’d share that video with you.

Their Teacher Testimonials Included Prayers of Thanks:

  • That God has given us this incredible team of teachers who are passionate about nurturing faith in children and believe in our mission to build World-Changing Leaders.

  • That they have felt supported by an excellent administration and a wonderful group of parents.

  • That they are blessed with fantastic students who we believe all have the potential to change the world.

Their Teacher Testimonials Also Included Prayer Requests:

  • That God will continue to bless our teachers with encouragement and support from our administration and parents.

  • That we will be able to hire more, fantastic teachers to help us keep up with our rapidly growing student body.

  • That Capstone’s second year as a school will be an even better experience for our teachers than the first.

If you happen to know teachers who may be an excellent fit at our school, have them watch this video as testimonial for a teaching job, and please feel free to send them to this link.

Many thanks, and God bless!

-Your Capstone Christian Academy Family

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