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Safety at Capstone Christian Academy

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Safety is something we take very seriously at Capstone Christian Academy.

We want parents to feel completely at ease when they drop their preschooler off at school - to know their child is in a completely safe environment.

In 2021 - in the age of COVID-19 - that’s taken on a whole new meaning, which is why we’ve adopted strict bio-safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID and other contagious illnesses as much as possible.

That starts at our front door. Our preschool facility enables us to offer contactless drop off and pick up. We’ll also use that area for a quick health screening process. Once cleared, the student can enter the campus.

Our facility, with its numerous classrooms, and a large, partitioned playground, allows us to limit the number of students other students come into contact with. We can keep individual classes completely separate from other classes, inside and outside. And we can isolate certain areas of the playground for cleaning without shutting down the entire outside area.

Our students’ physical safety is also of the utmost importance at Capstone, and we’ve adopted numerous policies and added features to our building to ensure it.

For example, our front entry door is only able to be opened by a staff member and remains locked 24 hours a day.

During our Shelter in Place drill, all inside doors can be locked to protect students in their rooms.

In the case that we would need to evacuate campus, each classroom is set up with at least two escape routes, and each classroom opens to a secured playground that our Teachers can use to evacuate our building.

Our smaller class sizes will also help our staff to be able to keep track of each student, and we have a name to face tracking system to ensure all students are accounted for when entering and/or exiting the classroom.

At Capstone Christian Academy, parents can rest easy, know their child is in a stimulating, nourishing, safe environment, and on their way to becoming a world-changing leader.

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