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Our Preschool Program: An Introduction

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Capstone Marketing Team has been hard at work producing videos that help introduce people to our school. This latest video focuses on our Preschool Program and on some of the things that make it special. Give it a watch, and let us know what you think about it in the comments! Included below the video is the transcript. God Bless!

The mission of Capstone Christian Academy is to develop World Changing Leaders, and since the dream of this school started almost 20 years ago, we’ve envisioned a new class of Capstone seniors graduating, year after year, going out and making a World-Changing Impact.

I think it’s a lot easier to envision teenagers developing the kind of leadership traits that will make them World Changers, but we believe the important work actually starts when kids are much, much younger.

The experience of having grandchildren has reminded me of how capable young children are of growing, and changing.

Take my grandson, for example. At three years old, he was energy on wheels. He had a gusto for life that was limitless.

It got him in a lot of trouble. He learned how to say “no!” really loud. I remember my daughter, his mom, having to chase him down the street just trying to get him in the car while I tried not to laugh.

At three-years-old, he had learned how to get what he wanted by using large amounts of energy and sound.

Two years later, thanks to a lot of hard work by my daughter and son in law and a parenting approach we’ve adopted at Capstone called Love and Logic, my grandson has learned of other, much better ways to get attention and ask for things.

He now is well mannered, honest and respectful, and he’s become a great big brother to his little sister.

These are all qualities that World Changing Leaders need to learn at the youngest age possible, and Capstone Christian Academy wants to partner with you to help develop them.

It’s with that focus that we’ve developed our curriculum, chosen our campus, and hired our teachers and administrators.

-Bill Wadley, Capstone Christian Academy Founder

At Capstone, teachers go beyond standard duties. They don’t simply watch your child - they help discover their world

Our dedicated staff of licensed early childhood educators maintain open relationships with families to ensure your children are getting the most out of our academy.

They use everyday opportunities and transform them into teachable moments.

We use a combination of purchased and in-house developed curriculum to provide exceptional, research-based learning programs, setting up each child to achieve personal success.

And my role in that as Preschool Director isn’t just in the office. I work with our teachers to make sure they are prepared to fully support the academic, social, and emotional needs of each child.

I spend half of my day in the classroom conducting observations, giving in the moment feedback, and helping children discover and develop their gifts.

Tracy Kessler, Capstone Preschool Director

At Capstone, our focus isn’t only on educating your student; we are also keenly aware of the importance of partnering with our parents in developing all aspects of their student’s lives.

As Parent Liaison, my job is getting to know each family that entrusts Capstone with their children, and to see how we as a staff and school can come alongside you in this partnership.

Building a sense of community is a key factor in every child and family’s development. 

First, the staff and I will focus on building a relationship with you so we can partner together and meet your needs. We will host various activities and events on campus that we hope will help you meet other families with kids the same age as yours to build lifelong friendships and relationships

Our campus is also uniquely located in the underserved Southeast part of Las Vegas off the 215 and Eastern.

Our 13,000 sq foot building is a secure modern facility. It has 5 playgrounds 2 acres of land with a variety of educational learning spaces – indoor and out.

And it’s located just 1.5 miles north of our second campus on Cactus Avenue, the future home of our middle school and high school.

The Serene Campus building also has several unique design features that help us maintain a high level of safety and biosecurity.

For example, many of our classrooms have two bathrooms and sink stations where we can teach and observe proper handwashing.

All of our classrooms are equipped with at least two exits in case of an emergency.

Our outdoor area that surrounds our campus is also partitioned into several standalone playgrounds, allowing us to keep individual classes separated from each other and minimizing the contact your child has with other students beyond their classmates.

Just as our campus and building have plenty of space for your child to move around in and thrive, we aim to create the intellectual space to discover their God-given talents and passions.

Our goal is to help your child love school and love learning.

Thank you so much for your interest in Capstone Christian Academy.

We pray that you are inspired as we are by thrill of developing the next generation of World Changing Leaders.

-Laura Wadley, Parent Liaison

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