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Announcing our Campus Development Fund

Updated: Apr 3

From the beginning, we knew we were going to have to be bold and trust God if we were going to start a school that develops World Changing Leaders.

We knew we needed to trust Him with the building, and He brought us our East Serene Campus, complete with premium facilities, in the perfect locations, and debt free.

Then we needed to trust God to fill our new campus with students, and He brought us more than 70 within our first 6 months.

We needed to trust God with people to teach those children, and He brought us a staff and faculty that have exceeded the highest standards.

And finally, we knew we needed to trust God with the timing and be willing to wait for years – even decades – for the day Capstone Christian Academy was finally ready to open.

Since our ribbon cutting ceremony a little over six months ago, all the amazing things that have happened before and since then have made us dare to dream even bigger.

Our prayer is that God will make Capstone a school - not just with 70 or 100 students - but a school with over 1,000 students. 1,000+ preschoolers to high schoolers who, each year, learn how to become World Changing Leaders.

To do that we’re going to need more space, and another building on a second campus.

Our vision calls for 3 new buildings to be constructed in phases as we add new grades each year. The future campus will house 15 sports fields, courts and playgrounds.

We want it to be a place that develops our children into the leaders that our community and the world so desperately needs - Leaders who love God and love people. Leaders who have a premier education and the passion to make a difference.

We would be so bold as to ask you to join us in this dream.

We already have a 25-acre piece of land, with roads and utilities ready, just a mile and a half away from our Serene Campus. What’s needed now is the funding to break ground and begin construction.

We’re asking God to grant us this blessing and we’re asking for your support.

Be bold. Join us in dreaming big.

Give to the Capstone Christian Academy Development Fund.

It could change the world.

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