A Tremendous Opportunity

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


In this moment, we have a tremendous opportunity to speed up the opening date of Capstone Christian Academy dramatically, and begin building world changing leaders as early as this spring.

All thanks to this building.

It’s a high end, fully furnished facility, that God has opened the door for us to purchase and establish as Capstone Christian Academy’s second campus. The owners have already received 2 better offers, but they turned them down. They believe in Capstone’s mission, and want the building to be ours.

That’s why we want to invite you to help us seize this opportunity, and purchase the building now.

We’ve already raised close to 2 million dollars, which means we’re more than halfway there.

Help us cross the finish line.

Imagine these rooms filled with future leaders who will change the world.

Imagine Capstone


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