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Logo of Capstone Christian Academy, a Christian school in Las Vegas, NV

Joe Sunderman is a Specialty Account Manager for Horizon Therapeutics. Joe and his wife, Letty, have been married and lived in Las Vegas for over 35 years. They two adult daughters and are active members of Green Valley Baptist Church. In his spare time, Joe loves to play golf and spend time with family and friends anywhere near the beach or mountains. 


Joe has been on the Board for Capstone Christian Academy since its formation. His passion is to assist, in any way possible, in developing an exceptional Christ-centered Christian school in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.


His dreams for Capstone Christian Academy are many. He dreams that Capstone will:

1. Be an academically superior institution, in every grade.

2. Facilitate an environment where traditional biblical values are modeled and taught, such as biblical marriage, family finances, parenting, and “Love of Country."

3. A place where learning to share the Gospel, to a fallen world, is part of the curriculum.

4. Develop Christian leaders and pastors who will stay in Las Vegas to serve our families.

Joe Sunderman

Board Chair

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