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Investing in your child’s future doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. For parents concerned about sustaining the cost of tuition, Caption Christian Academy can assist with a variety of student financial aid options including scholarships, grants, loan programs and tuition payment plans. Our academic aid program puts students first, so you can focus on your child’s education and ensure they’ll be set up for success. Simply submit the financial aid application, and our advisors will reach out to you with the best options for your circumstance. In addition to financial aid options directly provided by Capstone, our advisors can guide you toward a number of outside resources to minimize your financial burden. These include several government academic aid programs like ESAs and 529 Plans, tax deductible tuition options, and non-profit scholarships among other options. Call us at (702) 463-9350 today to speak with our office, or email us at


The benefits of attending private school greatly outweigh the cost of tuition. When financial aid is fully applied, those costs are further mitigated with the potential to become negligible.  At Capstone Christian Academy, your child will have the opportunity to progress in an environment dedicated to their personal growth and academic success. Capstone affords students the opportunity to benefit from personal attention from expert educators capable of adapting learning strategies to individual students, nurturing their strengths while improving their weaknesses. Combined with small class sizes, your child will find the space to grow into their best self, fully prepared to step into their future.

To apply for Capstone’s financial aid program, first download the financial aid application form by clicking the button below. Once you have filled out the PDF file, you can send the application as an attachment to our financial aid advisors at Please include a copy of the first 2 pages of your 2021 tax return to verify your income level, or bring them to our front office. There is no income limit to submit our financial aid application– options and direct aid are tailored to each family’s circumstance, and submitting the application will not affect your child’s admittance. Our office works to make the process as smooth as possible, so you can concentrate on your student’s progress. Call us at (702) 463-9350 if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in our financial aid program. We hope to see your child soon.

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