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Logo of Capstone Christian Academy, a Christian school in Las Vegas, NV
Bob Roman

Board Vice Chair

Bob Roman came to the Las Vegas valley back in 1986 as an Officer in the Air Force stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. He spent 7 years in the Air Force and then transitioned to an Airline Pilot position for a period.


After 20 years of flying, Bob decided to retire his wings and pursue his dream of being a business owner. In 2006 Bob began playing with fire and, with the help of a local engineer, developed the first-ever electronic ignition system designed for use exclusively in outdoor fire features. 


The business has continued to grow and, with the help of his daughters who now run the company, Bob is able to devote his time toward other important endeavors.


Bob’s daughters all attended a local Christian Academy when they were in their grade school years. Realizing the need for and importance of parent volunteers in a Christian school, Bob became very involved in the school by helping any way possible. At one point the school asked Bob if he would consider serving as the President of the school’s PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship). Bob accepted the position and began assembling other parent-volunteers to help the school. 


Fundraising and fellowship building events were a top priority and, as more parents became involved, the school began to grow even faster. Though it was a lot of work requiring much of his free time, it was well worth it! By the time Bob’s daughters graduated, the school was well on its way toward ACSI accreditation, which was a dream Bob had for the school. His experience as the PTF President will prove invaluable as he strives to help guide the way for Capstone Christian Academy.

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