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Logo of Capstone Christian Academy, a Christian school in Las Vegas, NV

Brandon Jones


It is my honor and pleasure to serve as principal here at Capstone Christian Academy. Private education holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the main catalysts to the transformation of my faith and ultimately my life. Most of my education was spent in the public school system up until high school when I was afforded the opportunity to attend Bakersfield Christian High School. This experience ultimately led to me giving my life to Jesus and where my heart for serving the next generation, specifically through private schooling, was beginning to be cultivated.

After high school I was blessed with the opportunity to receive a scholarship to play football and eventually coach at the University of Texas at El Paso. During my time at UTEP I was able to receive a Bachelor’s of Multidisciplinary Studies, along with a Master’s in Leadership Studies/Organizational Leadership. After college I began work in ministry, working with Tribe of Judah Ministries as their lead pastor. Ministry has always been a calling on my life, most importantly my ministry at home as a husband and a dad.

My wife Jessica and I have a beautiful baby girl, Camryn Taylor Jones, and are welcoming another baby girl in February of 2023. I hold the responsibility of “dad” in very high regard, as I am responsible to raise my little girls up in truth. I bear this same responsibility with all your children whom I have the honor of leading here at Capstone. As their principal I not only want to see them become productive contributors to this great nation, but most importantly followers of Jesus. This is a school where my daughters will also attend so I have a vested interest in making sure Capstone becomes everything that God has intended.

Brandon Jones
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