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The keys to Capstone's new campus

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

So the last time we posted here, many of you have been asking, "WHAT HAPPENED? The escrow was opened with financing to be provided by prayers and a miracle - so did the $3.2MM come in? Does Capstone have it's first building?" Well, we can answer those questions now with one word: SOLD! or... KEY! The building was SOLD and we have the KEY!! Capstone owns its first building! We are so grateful to all of our prayer partners, donors, family and friends to supported Capstone with donations, encouragement and prayer. Without you ALL we never would have received the amazing building in the video. I can't wait to show you around inside... Our wonderful lobby is the first place we will greet students and families. The 10 classrooms that make up this amazing campus flow around a horseshoe shape with lunchroom and commercial kitchen in the middle. The atmosphere has a light, roomy feel that will definitely add to a fun and creative learning environment. One of the things that drew me to this campus is the outside recreation and learning space. We have 5 separate playgrounds!! We hope to welcome our first PK students in February or March and elementary school in August. If you would like information on enrolling student or joining our team as Pricipal or teacher, please email us at We can't wait for you and your family to see it all for yourself. God Bless!

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