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It’s Open Enrollment Season at Capstone!

It’s been an incredible first year. With more than 80 students already walking through our doors each morning, we’re expecting to double that number in the 2022-23 school year. That starts this spring, as we invite new families to apply.

At our core, we believe economic status or income shouldn’t be a barrier to a child receiving a premier, Christ centered education. We’re not just a school for the privileged. That’s why our goal is to have at least 30 percent of our student body attend on scholarship.

That starts with our Adopt a Student Program, which allows our generous donors to help qualifying families pay for tuition. It’s been amazing to see the way God has used this program to work towards our goal already.

Please, help us continue that effort. If you’re someone who believes in our mission to Develop World Changing Leaders, and feels called to support that mission financially, consider giving to the Adopt a Student program.

If you’re a parent who wants their child to receive a premier, Christ-centered education, but are worried about the cost, reach out to learn more about the program.

And if you’re someone who simply wants to see more Las Vegas kids have access to a public school system alternative, you can help by simply spreading the word.

Book your spot for the next school year! Open Enrollment season is here! Visit our website to learn more and apply!

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